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Oregon Conservation Education & Assistance Network's (OCEAN) annual CONNECT conference is virtual this year. Join us for the three-day, multidisciplinary conference.


This virtual event will bring together local, state, and federal decision-makers, support organizations, professionals from Watershed Councils, Conservation Districts, Land Trusts, and others from around the world who are committed to conserving our natural resources. 


CONNECT 2021 comprehensive conference will provide training focused on both the technical and administrative aspects of conservation implementation.


Presentations are developed for:

  • Rural and urban conservation implementation,

  • Managerial and administrative function,

  • Policy, and

  • Education and outreach activities.


CONNECT 2021 will deliver content that is specific and relevant to current and potential conservation issues.


CONNECT 2021 allows you to connect with the brightest, most innovative conservationists and will feature:


  • Live & On-Demand Presentations & Panel Discussions

  • Live & On-Demand Q & A

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall

  • 24-Hour Virtual Network Lounge

  • Much More!


Join us ...together we can advance Oregon's conservation efforts!


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rose Graves

Dr. Rose Graves is a landscape ecologist and postdoctoral research fellow working in partnership with Portland State University and The Nature Conservancy. Over the last decade, Rose's research has focused on better understanding the supply of ecosystem services -- or the benefits people get from nature -- across landscapes and how conservation actions can contribute to sustaining these important benefits.


She holds a Master’s in Ecological Planning from The University of Vermont and a PhD in Landscape Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, her research is focused on how natural and working lands in Oregon can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change.